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We Are All Sojourners...

"Hear my prayer, O LORD, and give ear to my cry; hold not Your peace at my tears! For I am a sojourner with You, a guest, like all of my fathers." Psalm 39:12

Throughout all the history of mankind, God has had a deep love for the sojourner. From the very beginning of time, He knew that there would be war, famine, upheaval of communities, separation of families, death, destruction, and fleeing to other lands for refuge. He knew that those that had fled would search for a new life in this place of refuge as a sojourner.

In those lands of refuge, He has consistently called His people to love the sojourner, to welcome the sojourner into their communities, and to defend the sojourner from injustice.

History is replete with the stories of sojourners...Abraham leaving his birth country to settle in a new land, entire communities moving to other nations during famine, Jesus the Messiah fleeing to Egypt as a baby, waves of refugees running from wars in their own lands, and even the Pilgrims getting on a ship to come to America in search of the freedom to worship God. Each sojourner is on a journey to find refuge, to find a place of security and rest that is permanent.

God sees the sojourner, and loves them.

God hears the cry of the sojourner, and answers them.

Are we not all sojourners? Are we not all on a journey through this life? Are we not all seeking a place of security and rest that is permanent? Are we not all fleeing death and destruction in search of new life? This world is not our home. We are just on a journey through...fraught with danger and heartache...but God sees us, and He hears us, and He calls us to find our refuge in Him.

Here at Sojourner Law, our mission is to serve our refugee and immigrant neighbors by providing high- quality legal representation and advocating for them on their journey towards permanent residency, family reunification, and citizenship. Additionally, we will provide defense of individuals and families accused of crimes or who are having their parental rights threatened. Our desire is that we would point all fellow sojourners to our eternal home by honoring Jesus the Messiah, and by serving them as He would serve them and as He already has served them.

We will be sharing stories of sojourners on this blog, and posting resources on immigration law, criminal defense law, and family defense for our sojourner neighbors here in the United States. Sign up for our blog here to share this journey with us and our sojourner neighbors, as we are all sojourners on this earth.


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