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When can I travel after filing my marriage-based green card?

Many people who marry US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (aka, Green Card holder), are separated from family members in their home nation for many months or years. So, a typical question we receive is, after I file my marriage based green card, when can I return home to visit family and friends?

The short answer is that you should only leave the United States with a pending marriage based Green Card after you have received your Advanced Parole Document from USCIS. Advanced Parole will be granted by USCIS when they approve the I-131, Application for Travel Document, that you filed with your Green Card Application. The Advanced Parole allows you to travel home while your green card is processing.

It is very important to only leave the United States after Advanced Parole is granted because otherwise you will abandon your Marriage Based Green Card application, and if you do not have a visa to re-enter the US, you may be unable to return to your spouse.

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