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How to Prepare for a Marriage-based Adjustment of Status Interview

If you have an adjustment of status interview coming up with your spouse, you want to make sure you are prepared. Following these simple steps will help you feel less nervous for the interview by having an understanding of what will take place during the interview.

4 Steps to Prepare for Your Interview

  1. First, follow the instructions on your interview notice. Bring the original documents for your marriage certificate and license, and your birth certificate and your spouse's birth certificate. If you share children, bring your children's birth certificates. Finally, bring a copy of the applications you submiIed to USCIS, along with your interview notice and photo identification.

  2. Second, review the information on the Green Card application (Form 1-485) and Petition (Form I-130). The officer will go over both applications with you, so if information on your applications needs to be updated or changed. the interview is the time to do it.

  3. Third, make sure you rehearse key dates like your wedding date, your spouse's birthdate, and other key events for your marriage and life together.

  4. Fourth, bring additional documents to supplement your proof that your marriage is bona fide. Some examples are the following: recent bank statements, new joint accounts, taxes, or really any evidence that shows you have joined your lives together.

If you follow these four steps, you will be more prepared and confident as you enter the meeting room with the USCIS officer. And as long as the immigrant spouse is admissible, they should have their green card shortly after the interview.


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