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TPS Venezuela - Re-designation and extension

As of September 20, 2023, TPS was re-designated for an additional 18 months by the Department of Homeland Security. Along with being re-designated, the Department of Homeland Security updated the date by which you must have continuous residence in the United States to qualify. The new continuous residence date is July 31, 2023. DHS estimates the continuous residence change will allow 472,000 additional Venezuelans to qualify for TPS.

The re-designation is available to Venezuelan nationals in the United States as of July 31, 2023. If you arrived in the United States after July 31, 2023, you do not qualify to apply for TPS.

You are eligible to apply for TPS even if you have a pending application for asylum with the immigration court or the USCIS.

There are some limitations to TPS if you have been convicted of a crime, so please consult with an experienced legal counsel regarding your eligibility for TPS if you have been convicted of crimes in your past.

The process to apply for TPS starts when the re-designation period opens, and the Application for TPS, Form I-821, is filed with USCIS before the re-designation period ends. Along with Form I-821, you can file I-765 to procure a work permit through the grant of TPS. If you need to depart the United States while you are waiting for TPS to be granted, or after TPS is granted, you can file Form I-131 to request a Travel Document. The Travel Document must be received before departing the United States.

We would be glad to consult with you to determine if you are eligible to apply for TPS, so please call our office to setup an appointment. Our office number is 412-904-8885.


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